RMB or Raw Meaty Bones, is a methodology based on feeding dogs a biologically appropriate diet. Dogs are scientifically classified as carnivores - meat eaters - just like wolves. Their teeth and digestive systems are specially adapted for eating whole prey: meat, bones, organs, fat, and skin. Carnivores do not need carbohydrates(nor do they produce the necessary digestive enzymes to metabolise them!), they get their energy from meat and fat.

Would you feed your horse a steak, or expect a lion to be happy with a green salad? It is just as ridiculous to feed a processed, grain-based diet to dogs. It is detrimental to their health, happiness, and longevity. Our domestic dogs deserve a wholesome, varied diet of fresh nutritious foods just like we do. A steady diet of kibble (dry pet food) is as bad for them as a diet of chips and soda (with a vitamin pill on the side) would be for us. Would you feed your children that way?

While feeding a variety of whole prey is ideal, it is not always possible, so a practical alternative is a variety of raw meaty bones and organs. As much variety as you can - the more protein sources the better! Think chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey, goat, venison, buffalo, pork, kangaroo, emu, camel, fish, quail, mice, and rats! Include the bone whenever possible, and keep pieces whole & large.

When you feed a natural appropriate diet of raw meaty bones, your pet will:
- Gain a shiny, soft coat.
- Smell so much better.
- Get shiny white sparkling teeth.
- Have a much smaller, less-smelly stool.
- Gain natural immunities to fleas & ticks.
- Gain natural immunities to disease, including periodontal disease, allergies, cancer, athritis, gastrointestinal upsets, bacterial infections, obesity, and even epilepsy that can be caused by substandard inappropriate diets.(from the USRMB)