If you have landed here from the MCOA Breeder Referral page, we are NOT located in the USA! 
We live in Canada, and very rarely sell our puppies out of country.

Breedings at Bendegeit take place only after serious consideration and research. We generally breed every 18 months to 2+ years, and don’t believe in breeding simply because people want puppies. In our opinion, breeding simply to satisfy demand is neither morally or ethically right. These are lives we’re creating, not cars - and they deserve to be treated with respect!

When we finally do breed, it’s because we plan to keep a pup from the litter - whether that's because of old bloodlines, structural qualities, or a solidification (line breeding) of what we already have. We research the pedigrees of potential stud dogs thoroughly, not only looking for health problems within litters and previous generations; but longevity & quality of life as well. It matters greatly that the dogs we breed with led healthy active lives up to their final days; and came from lines known for their health & longevity.

Temperament is such a critical component of a healthy, stable dog!! What good is a gorgeous, typey Mastiff that requires two handlers for control any time it leaves the kennel? A Mastiff should be calm, regal, watchful and protective, NOT aggressive or afraid.

All of our puppies are CKC registered, sold on Non-Breeding contracts, come with a lifetime guarantee against genetic disease and a 2 year guarantee against non-genetic disease, puppy packs (that include 6 weeks of free pet insurance), lifetime breeder support, and an unconditional return policy.

Our puppies cost $3500 regardless of colour or sex.

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