We believe that any dog being considered for a breeding program needs to be health tested.

With that being said, not every dog that passes it's testing will end up being suitable for a breeding program... but testing results provide valuable information to the breeder regarding those bloodlines and can have an impact on future litters. Health testing of the parents, grandparents & previous offspring also provides new puppy owners with some reassurance that their puppy has been given the best genetic start possible for a long & healthy life.

We test the following on all of our dogs:

- Cystinuria - DNA testing on all dogs, plus yearly urine testing for males
- CAER (aka CERF) - a yearly eye exam done by an ophthalmologist on all dogs
- Canine Multifocal Retinopathy - DNA cleared through parentage, or tested every generation
- Degenerative Myelopathy - DNA cleared through parentage, or tested every generation
- Progressive Retinal Atrophy - DNA cleared through parentage (meaning the parents were DNA tested), or tested every generation
- OFA Cardiac (echocardiogram) - a cardiac ultrasound done by a cardiologist
- OFA Hips - x-rays
- OFA Elbows - x-rays
- OFA Patellas - x-rays
- OFA Thyroid - x-rays
- Von WilleBrand's Disease - blood testing every 3rd or 4th generation