Gromit is the First, and ONLY Mastiff to obtain their Silver Level Grand Champion in Canada!

Gromit has been one of the Top 2 Mastiffs in Canada since the tender age of 13 months, and has now completed all the requirements for his Silver GCh (Oct/22). 

Over the course of his career in the conformation ring, Gromit has been awarded a Best in National Specialty, 4 Specialty Best of Breeds, 2 Group 1's, and 25 Group placements. He is largely retired from the conformation ring now as we work on the performance titles he needs for his Grand Champion Excellent - however he will still be out for the occasional show!

He's still a sweet, goofy, and stubborn boy with his own set ideas about how things should run at home; but he's also a dog I trust implicitly around new people and young dogs/puppies. He loves nothing more than to head butt your legs and rub up against you like a cat, and his favourite place to sleep is in our bed with his head on MY pillow. At least he doesn't give me his butt end like he does to his "dad"!  

He has an AMAZING head and chest with deep, well sprung ribs, a lovely topline, and huge bone. If I were to change anything about him, it would be to give him a little more rear angulation. He would be an excellent match with a bitch who needed more bone and a better headpiece/front end.

At just 13 months, and only 4.5 show weekends after attaining his championship, our darling Gromit now has a Grand Championship title in front of his name!

Gromit now has a Group 3 & Group 4 placement to his name! Both of those were achieved by the time he turned 12 months old.

WOW... at 9 months and 10 days old, with 4 Best of Breed majors (and 2 singles) from the Sr Puppy class, Gromit is now a Canadian Champion!!

Gromit is our keeper boy from the Rouge x Jules litter we had in July 2017. He's a sweet, silly, and stubborn boy who likes to do things HIS way, and reminds me a lot of his older half brother Wallace.

He is a lovely tank of a puppy, and embodies everything I was aiming for with this line breeding. I can't wait to get him out and about, and I think we're all excited about his future!

Gromit's Accomplishments to Date:

  • Canadian Champion at 9 months old
  • 2018 - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty - Reserve Winners Male/Best Brace in Specialty
  • Group 4 at 11 months old
  • Group 3 at 12 months old
  • Canadian Grand Championship at 13 months old!
  • 2018 - #1 Mastiff in Canada (@ 13 months old)
  • 2019 - Multiple Group placements
  • 2019 - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty - Select Dog 
  • 2019 - #2 Mastiff in Canada (@ 27 months old)
  • 2020 - Best of Breed in Limited Breed Specialty
  • 2020 - Multiple Group placements
  • 2020 - #2 Mastiff in Canada
  • 2021 - Multiple Group placements
  • 2021 - #1 Mastiff in Canada
  • 2022 - Group Win & Multiple Group Placements
  • 2022 - Best of Breed in Limited Breed Specialty (x2!)
  • 2022 - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty - Best in Specialty Show

Dam: MBBPIG Can CH Bendegeit's Kiss My Red Ash
Sire: Am/Int CH Audley Farms Family Jules

DOB: 23 August 2017
Height: 32"
Weight: 225lbs

Health Testing Results

CARDIAC Normal (echocardiogram) - Sept 2019
CERF(EYES) MF-EYE854/51M-VPI - Normal
CMR DNA - Carrier (1-2)
CYSTINURIA DNA - 1-1(Normal); Urine - Negative '19
DM (Degenerative Myleopathy) DNA - Clear (1-1)
ELBOWS Normal - MF-EL6275M24-VPI
FLUFFY GENE DNA - Clear (1-1)
HIPS Excellent - MF-9743E24M-VPI
PATELLAS Normal - MF-PA3224/24M/P-VPI
PRA DNA - Normal thru parentage