The old girl still has it!!
At 9.5 years old, Marlie was awarded two Best Veteran in Groups at the Balgonie, SK shows.
At 7.5 years old, Marlie took Best Veteran in Specialty & Best Veteran in Specialty Sweeps at the Canadian Mastiff Club's National Specialty in Ontario!
What a rockstar she is!!

Marlie has been retired from our breeding program.

At 4.5 years old, with a Can CH, RN & CD titles; and after 2 beautiful litters, she deserves a chance to flake out on the couch, go for long walks, and splash in whatever water we happen to find. She will of course, spend the rest of her days as part of our family - we don't believe in sending our family members away just because they've finished the tasks we set out for them!

Marlie came from Bev Molloy of Banda Mastiffs Perm Reg'd and is our sweetheart. She was a bit of a surprise to my son, who thought I was at work that weekend, not 3600kms away picking up our puppy! Marlie fit right into our lives, fell in love with our rescue boy Boomer & continues to charm the pants off everyone who meets her.

She absolutely adores children and will go out of her way to try & say hello (which usually includes the 'Tongue of Love' - a big wet lick starting at the chin, continuing straight up the middle of the face & generally getting anything good that might be left over from lunch!). Her favourite pastime is rolling anything remotely orb-like around - in winter she rolls the woodpile logs and in summer its the large submerged rocks at the lake/river.

Marlie's favourite place to curl up is right on top of, or underneath your feet and she's happiest tucked in the middle of the family on the softest spot possible! If dogs could ever be accused of having a sense of humour and a real joie de vivre, Marlie would be found guilty!

Marlie's Accomplishments to date:

  • Best Veteran in Specialty & Best Veteran in Specialty Sweeps - CMC National Specialty 2015
  • Can CH at 2 years old with 4 BOB & 6 BOS/BOW;
  • RN (Rally Novice) Obedience Title with scores of 89, 92 & 95 (out of 100);
  • CD (Companion Dog) Obedience Title with scores of 171, 182.5 & 189.5 (out of 200);
  • CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) Award the first try!!

Marlie's CD title was a great accomplishment, not only because Mastiffs aren't known for their prowess in the obedience ring, but because she completed it at the Canadian Mastiff Club Specialty Show on July 18th, 2010 - and is only the second Mastiff in the history of the Club to have done it at a National Specialty!

We are so very proud of our girl for ALL of her accomplishments!!

Health Testing & Stats

Height: 28.5"
Weight: 175lbs (@ 4 years)
  • CERF/EYES - Normal - May 2016
  • CMR - MF-CMR121/22F-VPI - Normal
  • Cystinuria - 1-2 DNA
  • Elbows - MF-EL4472F24-VPI - Normal
  • Heart - MF-CA2136/26F/C-VPI-ECHO - Normal (Cardiologist - Echo)
  • Hips - MF-7861G24F-VPI - Good
  • Patellas - MF-PA2010/24F/P-VPI - Normal(Practitioner)
  • PRA - Clear through parentage
  • Shoulders - MF-SH46F24-VPI - Normal      
  • Thyroid - MF-TH1115/21F-VPI - Normal
You can view the official test results on the OFA site. Please click the link below to be taken there (a new window will open).

Marlie's Gallery


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