DOB: 26 May 2012
Height: 29" @ 30 months
Weight: 175 @ 30 months

Sire: Foxglove Big Ben
Dam: Ch Banda's Don't Call Me Bob CD, RN, CGN

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  • CARDIAC: Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • CMR:
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): Homozygous Normal
  • HIPS:
  • PRA: Clear through DNA
Kiara is now a Grand Champion!!

Kiara is our keeper girl from the Marlie x Ben litter. Laid back, unassuming, sweet and a total clown at the least opportune times; her favourite playtoy is her big brother Wallace's lips, and she absolutely adores her niece Rouge!

Kiara finished her Canadian Championship easily in 2013 in 3 weekends (and 3 majors) with wins over more mature bitches and has taken 2014 off to "relax and mature". She will make her debut in the Rally Obedience ring in 2016.

If dogs could have individual mottos, Kiara's would say:
"It's all about me!"

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