Even 18 months later, the tears flow instantly as I try to type this.

Georgia was a larger than life personality, and enjoyed life to it's fullest every moment of every day. She was our talkative, inquisitive, pain in the ass brindle Bee, and I loved her OH SO MUCH. Her life was tragically taken away from her just a week after I got home from the American Specialty in Ohio, when she got out of our yard through an unlatched gate and was struck by a semi-truck who blew through the stop sign on our quiet country road.

I will never forgive myself for not latching that gate (a split second oversight), and for not being there as she drew her last breath (I was chasing my horses across the countryside when it happened).
I'm so, SO sorry my JoJoBee, BusyBee, Mo-joJoJo, Peach.

Mommy will love and miss you forever plus a day.
Georgia's Accomplishments to Date:
  • BOB over Specials from Junior Puppy class
  • Multiple BOS over Specials
  • Canadian Champion at 18 months with BOB/BOS over Specials
  • Canine Good Neighbour Award at 19 months
  • Top 20 Mastiffs 2011 
  • Top 20 Mastiffs 2012
Many thanks to Larry Clark from Calgary, AB for his superb handling skills!

DOB: 5 November, 2010
Height: 29" @ 2 years old
Weight: 180lbs


  • CARDIAC: Normal (Cardiologist - Echo)
  • CERF: March 2013
  • CMR: Normal/Clear
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): Clear/Normal
  • FLUFFY GENE: Not Affected/Carrier
  • HIPS: MF-8569G31F-VPI - GOOD
  • PRA: Homozygous Normal
View Georgia's Official Test Results HERE
Georgia is Wallace's littermate, and our keeper girl from the Marlie x Jules litter. She has many nicknames, but the one that seems to have stuck actually originates from the colour of her tiny puppy collar. She was our "peach collar girl", and thus her name came about! To friends and family she is simply
"The Peach"

Georgia is a thick, wide bodied girl with a deep, well sprung ribcage and a wide chest with lovely prosternum. She has a very pretty head with nice dark eyes and no haw; and is moderately angulated, though balanced throughout. I can't wait to see what she looks like in another year or two!

She's also your typical brindle... vocal, almost always the instigator/provoker, and loves nothing more than leaping on top of Wallace when he's not looking! Georgia has a definite "working mentality" like her dam, and is by far happiest doing something... whether that's going for a run, chasing balls, practising obedience, or ripping the heads off stuffies... she needs to be occupied!

There is most definitely a sweet side to our little peach though - she's the first one kids come to hug (out of the blue), and she has a certain 'energy' about her that makes her infinitely approachable, even for people who don't like dogs, or have had bad experiences in the past.

Georgia has grown up under her littermate Wallace's shadow, and has far more Best of Opposite ribbons on her wall than she might otherwise, had they not been in the ring at the same time! She finished 2012 in the Top 20 Mastiffs in Canada though! She started off 2012 by completing her Canadian Championship with a Best of Breed win over other champions & older dogs; and finished with a bang, getting her Canine Good Neighbour Award at our National Specialty in July! I never thought our little firecracker would remain focused enough to do it, but by golly she did!