We said our Final Goodbyes to Wally on September 3, 2022, just 2 short months away from his 12th Birthday.
How do you even begin to properly chronicle a life that dedicated itself to being by your side as many minutes of the day as it possibly could?
Wallace was the puppy that almost didn’t make it. He was the first and largest of his litter, and was stuck in the birth canal when we c-sectioned. He came out limp, and it took almost 15 minutes of vigorous efforts to get him breathing and crying.

He was a clown. I can’t count the number of predicaments he got himself into. One of the first shows he went to without “mom”, he decided he was joining Larry ringside, and took the entire bank of x-pens for a walk! Thank goodness he was stopped before he let everyone free!! He used to get himself stuck in the oddest spots… under chairs, in the bathroom, inside the metal gate trellis that was laying on the ground….

Wallace loved his food. As a puppy, he used to walk around with his food dish at supper time waiting for us to notice. As an adult, there wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t pop in his mouth given a chance. Despite his great love of all things edible and some not (*cough* paper towel *cough*), if the girls approached while he was eating, he would walk away & let them have it (unless it was REALLY good).

He had a quirky sense of humour, and if you were lucky enough to to be included in one of his jokes, you never forgot it. You could always tell when he thought something ought to be more fun than it currently was… he’d cock his hip, give you the side eye, and all bets were off! When he was excited, or happy to see you, he'd do his 'baby elephant' routine, bouncing back and forth and making his "woo" voice.

Wallace (Wally) could be an incredible show dog, or a complete slug depending on his mood that day. He had a pretty awesome show career both in Canada & the USA, and was invited to the Westminster Dog Show. Wallace was 24 points away from his AKC Silver Grand Champion when he came back to Canada, and finished his Canadian Grand Championship shortly after that. He won a Best in Regional Specialty in the USA, two Best Opposite in National Specialty in Canada, and had multiple group wins & placements in both countries.

Above all else though, he was my confidante, best friend, tireless supporter and all around best dog. Walleroo, you’ve taken a giant part of mom & dad's hearts with you... but I’d give you the whole thing to have another 12 good years with you big man. I hope you’re having celebratory “Woo Woos” up there with your mom & littermates who have eagerly been waiting for you, and that you & Georgia are already up to your old hi-jinks.
Love You For Ever & Miss You For Always Woo.
Wally came out of retirement for the 2018 Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty at Spruce Meadows, AB...
and was awarded:

Best Stud Dog
Best Altered
Best of Opposite Veteran in Sweeps
Best of Opposite Veteran in Show


After a multi-day trip to Ontario & back, Wally has added another BOSS to his name!
He is now:
BISS/MBOSS Am BrGCH/Can GCH Bendegeit's William The Brave CGN, TT
Many thanks to judge Edd Bivin for this award, as well as Best Canadian Bred & Best Stud Dog.

Wally has now been retired from the Conformation ring, as we focus on Rally & Obedience.
Wally has been taking the Western Canada rings by storm, under the skilled guidance of Larry Clark.
With limited showing, Wally has completed his Canadian Grand Championship;
He has 2 Group wins, 10 group placements;
and was the #1 Mastiff in Canada for 2014.

MANY thanks to Barbara House of Britestar Mastiffs, who drove up from California to handle Wally
and take BOSS at the Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty!
After an incredible campaign in the USA, Wally is now:

BISS BPIG AM GChB CAN Ch Bendegeit's William the Brave, CGN, AOM, TT
None of this would have been possible without Barbara House from BriteStar Mastiffs,
who took him from an unpointed class dog to a Bronze level Grand Champion (in just 4 months)
& a Best In Specialty Show winner in such a short time!!

Wally left the USA in October as the #2 Mastiff in the USA
and hung on to #4 Mastiff - despite missing all the huge shows (50+ Mastiffs)
at the start & end of the year (he was only there from March-October)!

Wallace's Accomplishments to Date:


  • Canadian Champion @ 8 months old (in 4 weekends with BOB over Champions from the Junior Puppy class)
  • Group 4 & BPIG at 11 months old
  • #4 Mastiff & #3 Mastiff Puppy in Canada (all systems) 2011
  • Award Of Merit @ 18 months old - Canadian Mastiff Specialty 2012
  • CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) Award @ 18 months old
  • Top 20 Mastiffs in Canada for 2012 with only 4 shows
  • BOSS - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty 2014
  • Multiple Group wins
  • Multiple Group placements
  • #1 Mastiff in Canada (all systems) 2014
  • BOSS - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty 2015
  • Best Opposite Veteran in Specialty - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty 2018
  • Best Altered in Specialty - Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty 2018


  • American Champion in 2 weekends
  • American Grand Champion 2 weekends later
  • Bronze Level Grand Champion in 4 months
  • Multiple Group Placements
  • BISS - Redwood Empire Mastiff Club Regional Specialty 2013
  • Temperament Tested
  • #2 Mastiff in America (October 31/13)
  • #4 Mastiff in America (Breed Points) 2013
  • #9 Mastiff - All Breed 2013
Dam: Can CH Banda's Don't Call Me Bob CD, RN, CGN
Sire: Am/Int CH Audley Farms Family Jules

DOB: 5 November, 2010
Height: 32"
Weight: 215lbs
Health Testing Results
CERF Normal - November 2013
CMR MF-CMR555/7M-PI - Normal/Clear
CYSTINURIA Urine Negative
MF-CY71/55M-PI 1-1(Clear)
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) DNA 1-1 (Clear)
ELBOWS MF-EL5048M25-VPI - Normal
FLUFFY GENE DNA 1-2 (Not Affected/Carrier)
HIPS MF-8475G35M-VPI - Good
PATELLAS MF-PA2386/25M/P-VPI - Normal
PRA MF-PRA1541/7M-PI - Normal
THYROID MF-TH1440/36M-VPI - Normal

Click HERE to see Wally's Pedigree
Click HERE to see Wally's OFA Registered Health Testing
We are so VERY proud of this boy!

Larry Clark from Calgary, AB & Barbara House from Nevada City, CA for their superb handling skills
All the Canadian & American Judges who have seen fit to recognize our special boy!

Wallace is our keeper boy from the Marlie x Jules litter. During his puppy career, he was affectionately nicknamed "Walrus" by his Canadian handler Larry Clark, due to his tendency to plow things over, instead of making his way around! In fact, Wallace was the first puppy in his litter to discover that running into the corner of the baby gate would pop it off the wall... thus opening up all sorts of new adventures for his littermates!!

Wallace finished his Canadian Championship at the tender age of 8 months, and took a BPIG & G4 win at only 11 months. He finished 2011 as the #4 Mastiff and #3 Mastiff Puppy in Canada with only 6 shows under his tender paws!

2012 was a "relax & grow" year for our baby boy who didn't get into the show ring much at all. He did however finish the year in the Top 20 (with only 4 shows), and received the only Award of Merit at the Canadian Mastiff Specialty in late July.

2013 was an AMAZING year!! Wallace (or Wally to his American family) took the ring by storm:

  • First USA points February 22, 2013
  • American Championship March 3, 2013 (two 5 point majors and BOB/BOS over ranked champions)
  • American Grand Championship March 17, 2013 (G4 placement over 270 dogs)
  • American Bronze Grand Champion July 19, 2013
  • Multiple Group Placements
  • Best In Specialty Show - Redwood Empire Mastiff Club October 19, 2013
  • #2 Mastiff in USA - October 31, 2013.

MANY THANKS to Barbara House from Brite Star Mastiffs, who took Wally under her wing and took him to such great achievements in such a very short time!! Wally & Barbara made an incredible team, and we couldn't have done it without her.

He definitely takes after his dad & maternal grand-sire with his laid-back attitude and marshmallow sweet personality, but there's a quietly impish side... so watch out!