Puppies are due March 18th!
                                                                  This will be a breeding between:
                            Rumour                                                 and                                   Gromit
   (Can CH Bendegeit's Question Everything)                                         (Can BrGCH Bendegeit's Arson Around)
Click on Rumour's picture to go to her page

Click on Rumour's picture to go to her page

Rumour's Health Testing Results:
(copies of test results not appearing on OFA will be emailed as requested)

A few of Rumour's accomplishments include:

  • Canadian CH at 2 years old 
  • Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite over mature class bitches & dogs
  • Finished with 4 major wins
Click on Gromit's photo to go to his page

Click on Gromit's photo to go to his page

Gromit's Health Testing Results:
Can BrGCH Bendegeit's Arson Around                         
(copies of test results not appearing on OFA will be emailed as requested)

A few of Gromit's accomplishments include:

  • Canadian Champion at 9 months old;
  • Canadian Grand Champion at 13 months old;
  • 2018 #1 Mastiff in Canada (13 months old)
  • 2018 Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty..... Reserve Winners Dog & Best Brace in Specialty (with his mom Rouge)
  • 2019 #2 Mastiff in Canada
  • 2019 Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty..... Award of Merit
  • 2020 #2 Mastiff in Canada
  • 2021 #1 Mastiff in Canada
  • Multiple Group Placements
  • First Bronze Grand Champion Mastiff in Canada
ALL of the puppies from this litter have been spoken for.

If you are interested in being considered for a puppy from our 2023 litter,
please fill out the Questionnaire and click Submit... or send me an email!

Gromit is an amazing dog with a stellar personality - sweet, goofy, and a pleasure to be around. He loves 'his ladies' and gets along well with our other dogs, even though he occasionally enjoys harassing our ancient Lab (much to poor Boomer's dismay). His favourite activities (aside from sleeping in our bed) include rubbing against us like a cat and racing his little niece around the property. 

Gromit is the result of very careful line breeding, and while he isn't perfect (NO Mastiff is), he does possess many of the qualities we strive for in our dogs. If there was anything I could change, it would be to give him more rear angulation. Fortunately, he comes from a long line (on both sides of the pedigree) of well angulated dogs and as such, should produce well angulated puppies.

Gromit finished his Canadian Championship at 9 months old, beating mature champions; and his Grand Championship at 13 months old after just 6 additional shows. He has been one of the top 2 Mastiffs in Canada since he started showing in 2018. He has numerous group placements, was awarded Select Male at the Canadian Nationals, and is the first Mastiff in Canada to receive the Bronze Grand Champion distinction!

Gromit is fully tested both genetically & orthopedically, and has passed all his health testing with flying colours.

Both side of the family have produced dogs living into their teens, with grandparents, great-great-grandparents and other relatives competing (& loving it!) in the conformation & obedience rings as veterans.

Rumour takes after her mother Wednesday, and is sweet, unassuming, and occasionally silly. She has yet to meet a person she doesn't like, and quite enjoys laying on her back right behind me as I try to make supper. She is a sun worshipper and will 'sun tan' on the deck until I drag her back in; however in winter she can be seen bouncing through our snow drifts like a jackrabbit. She also LOVES water and will detour towards any she sees... much to my chagrin some days!

Rumour is also carefully line bred, and is an lovely thick girl with good angulation, a beautiful headpiece, and excellent depth of body which makes her a stellar match for Gromit.

Her show career was delayed due to Covid, and aside from a weekend out in early 2020 where she picked up a few points, she didn't see a ring until this July. Once she got back out though, she finished in just over a weekend with mostly major wins! I'm sad that her show career was cut short due to a global pandemic, but I'm glad that she did as well as she has in her short career.

Rumour's health testing will be completed shortly, and results will be uploaded to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) database.

This will be a line breeding, and is being done to produce puppies who mirror the best qualities of their parents - namely their breed type, temperament, health and conformation. By using healthy, fully tested dogs who are are a little bit closer together genetically, we end up with puppies who exhibit the traits we want to reproduce (i.e. wonderful temperaments, massive bone structure, big heads, great toplines, etc.).

The puppies from this breeding will be absolutely stunning, with large blocky heads, substantial bone and nice deep bodies. As always, I place my puppies based on the best home for them, not on a first-come first-served basis.

So whether you're looking for a puppy to show, do therapy work, or simply steal your family's hearts (& the best spot on the sofa!), you can rest assured that we've done our very best to breed a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy that will grow up to embody the best of the Mastiff breed's characteristics.

We will (as always), be reserving the pick male and female from this litter for ourselves until we decide which one fits best with our breeding program and future vision.

All of the puppies in this litter will be $3,500 regardless of colour or sex, and will be sold on Spay/Neuter Contracts with Non-Breeding Registrations from the Canadian Kennel Club.

All of our puppies go to their forever homes with:

  • A lifetime guarantee against genetic disease & a 2 year health guarantee for non-genetic conditions;
  • 6 weeks of free health insurance;
  • Copies of all vet checks & health records;
  • A puppy pack;
  • and of course lifetime support with an unconditional return policy.