Gromit was the #1 Mastiff in Canada for 2018, and is #2 for 2019!

At just 14 months, and only 4.5 show weekends after attaining his championship, our darling Gromit now has a Grand Championship title in front of his name!

Gromit now has a Group 3 & Group 4 placement to his name! Both of those were achieved by the time he turned 12 months old.

WOW... at 9 months and 10 days old, with 4 Best of Breed majors (and 2 singles) from the Sr Puppy class, Gromit is now a Canadian Champion!!

Gromit is our keeper boy from the Rouge x Jules litter we had in July 2017. He's a sweet, silly, and stubborn boy who likes to do things HIS way, and reminds me a lot of his older half brother Wallace.

He is a lovely tank of a puppy, and embodies everything I was aiming for with this line breeding. I can't wait to get him out and about, and I think we're all excited about his future!

Gromit's Accomplishments to Date:

  • Born August 23, 2017
  • Being absolutely adorable!
  • Canadian Champion at 9 months old
  • Reserve Winners Male @ the Canadian Specialty 2018
  • Group 4 at 11 months old
  • Group 3 at 12 months old
  • Canadian Grand Championship at 14 months old!
  • #1 Mastiff in Canada 2018 (@ 13 months old)
  • Multiple Group placements in 2019
  • #2 Mastiff in Canada 2019 (@ 27 months old)
Health Testing Results
CARDIAC Normal (echocardiogram) - Sept 2019
CERF(EYES) Normal - May 2018
CMR DNA - Carrier (1-2)
CYSTINURIA DNA - 1-1(Normal); Urine - Negative '19
DM (Degenerative Myleopathy) DNA - Clear (1-1)
ELBOWS Normal - MF-EL6275M24-VPI
FLUFFY GENE DNA - Clear (1-1)
HIPS Excellent - MF-9743E24M-VPI
PATELLAS Normal - MF-PA3224/24M/P-VPI
PRA DNA - Normal thru parentage










Click HERE to see Gromit's pedigree