In just 6 shows, and with 4 majors, Rumour has finished her Canadian Championship!!

She is maturing into a lovely, thick girl with quite the 'bootay' and a beautiful headpiece. Her health testing is complete (minus a few minor items), and we are excited for the prospect of her becoming a mother in 2022.

Rumour is our keeper from the Wednesday & Bandit litter we had in 2019. She is sweet, funny, and an abject kleptomaniac like her momma! If your boots or shoes aren't put up out of her reach, they're considered fair game... as are pants, remote controls, gloves, etc. She takes such joy in stealing things, that I almost feel bad stopping her! Almost. Rumour hasn't met a person she doesn't like, and her favourite place to be is either directly behind my feet while I'm at the stove/sink, or curled up on the couch with one of us.

Her registered name came from the white question mark she had on her chest for the first 8 weeks of life... that has since partly dissolved and no longer looks like what it used to. Instead, her eyebrows now look like an almost perfect set of horns, which is kind of fitting I think! LOL

DOB: May 29, 2019
WEIGHT: 160lbs

Dam: MBPIG, BBPIG, BBES CanCH Bendegeit's Ruby Tuesday
Sire: AmCH Britestar's Kodiak Bandit


Health Testing Results
Click HERE to see Rumour's OFA health testing
(copies of other tests will be emailed upon request)

CARDIAC (auscultation) Normal - January 2022
CMR DNA: Normal by Parentage
Degenerative Myelopathy DNA: Normal by Parentage
ELBOWS MF-EL6686F28-VPI (Normal)
EYES (CAER) MF-EYE853/30F-VPI (Normal)
FLUFFY GENE DNA: 1-1 (Normal)
HIPS MF-10163G28F-VPI (Good)
PATELLAS MF-PA3448/28F/P-VPI (Normal)
PRA DNA: Normal by Parentage