Rumour is our keeper from the Wednesday & Bandit litter we had in 2019. She is sweet, funny, and an abject kleptomaniac like her momma! If your boots or shoes aren't put up out of her reach, they're considered fair game... as are pants, remote controls, gloves, etc. She takes such joy in stealing things, that I almost feel bad stopping her! Almost.

Her registered name came from the white question mark she had on her chest for the first 8 weeks of life... that has since partly dissolved and no longer looks like what it used to. Instead, her eyebrows now look like an almost perfect set of horns, which is kind of fitting I think! LOL

Rumour has only made it into the show ring a couple of times so far... and has had no age appropriate competition besides her brother as a baby puppy back in October.

With COVID-19 cancelling dog shows and affecting people's lives & livelihoods around the world, it will likely be many months before we see the inside of a show ring again... and we're okay with that. We would rather see all of our friends and family safe & healthy. No ribbon or placement in the annual standings is worth risking the lives of your loved ones.

DOB: May 29, 2019
HEIGHT: I'm still growing!
WEIGHT: Who knows?

Dam: MBPIG, BBPIG CanCH Bendegeit's Ruby Tuesday
Sire: AmCH Britestar's Kodiak Bandit


Health Testing Results

CARDIAC (echocardiogram) Normal - July 2019
CMR DNA: Normal by Parentage
Degenerative Myelopathy DNA:
FLUFFY GENE DNA: 1-1 (Normal)
PRA DNA: Normal by Parentage