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Unfortunately, our fall breeding was unsuccessful.

We will be breeding again in the Spring, with hopes for June/July puppies.

Please stay tuned for updates, or send us a message for more information!


We are a family of English Mastiff breeders & aficionados in Alberta, Canada. Our Mastiffs are not only internationally ranked champion show dogs, competing in the Conformation, Rally & Obedience rings across Canada & the USA, they are also deeply cherished members of our family with finely tuned foot & lap warming abilities.

We are proud & active members of the Canadian Mastiff Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, and the Mastiff Club of America. We follow the Code of Ethics of these organizations, and believe that a Mastiff breeder should be honest, upfront and open about themselves & their dogs, not only with other breeders but the inquiring public as well.

We raise our dogs naturally on a RMB (Raw Meaty Bones) diet and without vaccinations - please see our "Health" page for more information.

We breed occasionally - with other healthy and fully tested dogs, but only after careful consideration & research into the proposed match. It is our firm belief that your puppy should be a happy, healthy and integral member of the family whether you buy it as a show prospect, or to pre-warm the couch for you! Make sure you check out the "Our Litters" page for more details on upcoming litters.

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Please feel free to email me for more information on our dogs or upcoming litters,
or if you have any questions about the Mastiff breed at all!

Caleya King-Davie


The last month has been bittersweet for us. We had a fantastic time at the MCOA National Specialty in Ohio - Wally made the Top 10 boys for the Best of Breed competition, and Rouge placed second in her class of 12!

Wally also took Best Stud Dog at the MCONO Regional Specialty, with his daughters Clover and Patsy!

Unfortunately, we lost our beautiful girl Georgia to a tragic accident just days after we got home. Georgia was young, vibrant, and full of life - she never failed to wake me with a head butt to the side of the bed and a lick to the face, and she could always be counted on to whack her tail against the noisiest object in the house (which I'm sure she took great pleasure in doing)! She is greatly missed and has left a huge hole in our hearts and lives.

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